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Downloading the e-book onto your portable device

Q) When I click on the link it doesn’t download to my device. Why?
A) Check that you are still connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G (see your service provider for more details). Make sure you click the appropriate link for your device.
Please note to view these publications you will need to have e-reader software installed on your device. For Apple iOS devices, iBooks can be downloaded from the Apple App store. For Android devices various e-readers are available for download from Google Play.

Q) Which link should I click on to download the file onto my device?
A) EPUB is the standard e-book format for most devices e.g. iOS, Android, Kobo and Nook devices.
MOBI is for Amazon Kindle devices and the Kindle e-reader app.

Accessing the e-book from your PC/Mac

Q) When I click on either of the links on my PC/Mac it asks me to save a file, what is this file?
A) These are the actual files that need to be transferred to your device, or opened in e-reader software.

Q) How do I put this file onto my device once I have downloaded the file onto my PC/Mac?
A) There are two ways to load the e-book to your device after downloading to a PC/Mac.
1) Transfer the file via the device USB cable
For more information about how to upload the file to your device using a USB connection, please refer to your hardware manufacturer’s website.
2) Email the file to an email address that is connected to your device and then open the attachment with an e-reader app.